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Technology has come a long way. We surf the web wherever we are. We can make calls wherever we are. We can use speakerphone to make a call while making a peanut butter sandwich. When we get into our car, suddenly our phones are connected to the sound system where we can make hands-free calls or wirelessly play music.

Everything has gone wireless, and so everything has become so convenient.

Well,....  almost everything.

We still have to plug in our devices to get power. If only that last cord could be cut!

Alas, that day has come. The products are available to so that you never have to plug your device in again. Here are a few pointers on how you can remove the cord from your life and a wire-free warrior:


There are several vehicles available on the market available with Open Dots compatible wire-free power. The Open Dots technology is in more cars than all the other wire-free standards combined. So that is your first step - make sure you buy a vehicle with built-in Open Dots wire-free power.

If you aren't in the market for a new car, then you will be happy to hear that in the near future you will be able to buy aftermarket charging surfaces for many vehicles.

Another cool product that is on its way is our wire-free phone bracket. The bracket is on the end of a gooseneck that can be adjusted to any angle. The product quickly attaches firmly to an available cup holder, and plugs into the cigarette lighter outlet. When you place a phone in the bracket, it is automatically connected to wire-free power.

These built-in or aftermarket surfaces turn your phone into a completely wire-free experience. So you will no longer have to fumble for a charging cord. You simply "drop and charge".

However, many people also have tablets that need charging. The problem in a car is that there really isn't room to provide a charging surface big enough to set a tablet on. For the larger devices, it is good to have one or more Power Taps. A Power Tap is a tiny device that picks up power from the charging surface to allow you to charge larger devices.


To make your life wire-free at home, you need to have a Home Pad. These attractive products provide stations where you can set your Open Dots wire-free products to instantly receive power. The great thing about the Open Dots technology is that you can place as many devices on the pad as will fit. So a pad near the kitchen or the front foyer is perfect for the whole family.

This is where the benefits of wire-free charging really start to stand out. Not only are the wires eliminated, but also the fighting over the limited number of outlets is avoided!

But there is nothing stopping you from placing more than one pad in strategic locations in your house. The kitchen is great, but so is the bedroom.

The bedroom is a perfect spot for an Open Dots compatible wire-free charging pad. Charging your phone at night is probably THE most typical thing. And now it just got super convenient. No more searching for the cord behind the nightstand. No more fumbling at night for the connection in the dark. And when you pick up the phone in the morning, you don't accidentally pull the plug out of the wall or damage the delicate phone connector.

But, the most important thing about the Open Dots technology we use at Automotive Ready is that there are no electromagnetic fields used. So you don't have to worry that you are bathing in electromagnetic fields while you sleep. The technology is absolutely completely 100% safe.

To make the wire-free warrior experience complete, you will also need a few Power Taps for your larger devices like tablets. We recommend having two around, but it depends on how many larger devices are around in your home.


You can't forget about your office, where you probably spend a great deal of time. This is an ideal place for an additional charging surface. Now-a-days, long after my battery was brand new, it can run pretty low by mid afternoon. But not with a charging pad in the office. It keeps everything topped off the whole day.

Again, it is always good to have a Power Tap or two handy for the larger devices such as tablets.

If you plan ahead and outfit these three key areas with Open Dots compatible wire-free charging surfaces something rather amazing will happen. What you will find is that your device is always charged.

Many customers have reported to me that wire-free charging has made their battery last longer. Well, that's not exactly right, but that is exactly what the effect feels like. What is actually happening, is that, with no conscious effort, people are charging their phones throughout the day. The effect is that the battery is always topped off.

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