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iPhone 6 wire-free charging case can now be pre-ordered!

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We are pleased to announce the we are now taking pre-orders for the iPhone 6 wire-free charging case for delivery in June. We are very excited to offer this beautiful, protective case that allows you to charge wirelessly in many vehicle models or in the home or office.

All of the Automotive Ready products use the Open Dots open standard for wire-free power. What this means for you is that:

1) There are no electromagnetic fields used. The technology is completely safe.

2) You can place your phone anywhere on the charging surface. No alignment necessary. It is truly "drop and charge".

3) The charging surface can power more than just phones. Power tool batteries, laptops, notebooks, etc., and you can charge your phone side-by-side at the same time.

4) You can power as many phones as will fit on the surface. The whole family can use it at the same time.

5) The Open Dots technology uses less energy than any other technology available.

6) And it's easy on the pocketbook!

Pre-order today!

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