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I wrote a white paper about one of the wire-free power technologies out there: Witricity. I did it because there was an amazing amount of disinformation out there about it.

And another reason I wrote it was because people can so easily get distracted by products that are "just around the corner". I have to admit, it works sometimes. For example, why buy a laptop today when you can wait just a little bit longer and get one that has twice the storage, twice the speed, and twice the battery life?!

But that's not really the way it works in the wire-free power industry because of a little thing called "physics", or maybe it's the little thing called "bioelectromagnetics". Bioelectromagnetics is the study of the effects of electromagnetic fields on living organisms.

Witricity is one of those technologies that pushes this to the test. Imagine that no matter where you are, your devices are being invisibly charged. No more wires. No more dead batteries. No more worries.

Well that was fun, but, unfortunately, this is a little too unlikely.

For those nerds out there that want to dive into the exact reasons why this is so unlikely, please check out my white paper.

White Paper on Witricity Safety.

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