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Welcome to Automotive Ready Wireless Charging Cases and Accessories!

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Title: Welcome to Automotive Ready® Wireless Charging Cases and Accessories!

Welcome to Automotive Ready® Wireless Charging Cases and Accessories!

Before telling you about the products and technology available at this web store, let me tell you about the person writing about these products and technology - me. I also want to give you a brief history of wireless charging.

My name is Mitch Randall. I have a technical background with advanced degrees in both engineering and physics. I am also an inventor. One of my "inventions" was a technology for wirelessly powering devices (now known as Open Dots). I will explain in a later post why I used quotes around the word "inventions" (you won't want to miss that).

In 2005 I founded a company, WildCharge, to bring this wireless power technology to the cell phone charging market. I am one of the pioneers of this market, which, as far as I know was born around 2002. At that time, the companies involved were MobileWise, Fulton, SplashPower, and probably some others. Don’t feel embarrassed if you've never heard of some of these companies – most are long gone by now.

It is fair to say that all of the companies involved in wireless charging at that time were not interested in making products. Instead they wanted to license their technology to cell phone companies so they could draw royalties off the 1 billion phones produced annually at that time. But cell phone companies were not biting. They did not know which technology was the right technology to adopt. There were too many choices and too much disinformation. In addition, cell phone companies were not even sure that consumers would want wireless charging in their phones.

My company, WildCharge, realized that we needed to put products on the market and prove that customers want wireless charging and that our technology was clearly superior to the others. In 2007 WildCharge introduced the world’s first wireless cell phone charger into the market. The technology was recognized in TIME Magazine’s “Best Inventions of 2007”.

But cell phone manufacturers were still not biting because many of the technologies showed promise, but were only sketches on a drawing board. So decision makers didn’t want to make a commitment for lack of information. The market was in a holding pattern waiting for the various technologies to prove (or disprove) themselves.

Fast-forward to the present, and we see that there are still several competing technologies. There are still some that are only on the drawing board, but the leading technologies have been made into actual products that decision makers can test and compare.

And test and compare they did.

Open Dots Compatibility Logo.PNG

Open Dots Compatibility Logo

As a result, several of the leading automotive manufacturers now offer Open Dots wireless power technology in their vehicles. They chose this technology because it offers safety from any kind of health effect, performance, reliability, flexibility, affordability and drop-and-charge capability superior to all the other technologies.


Enter Automotive Ready®. Automotive Ready® is the program that ensures that every wireless power customer is a satisfied customer. A product with the Automotive Ready® stamp meets the rigid demands of car makers for vibration, shock, and durability in the in-vehicle environment. Above all, the Automotive Ready® program guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.


When consumers buy a car equipped with an in-vehicle wireless charging pad, they are thrust into the confusing world of wireless power with its many unfamiliar standards. What do they do? Where do they go to get products that are guaranteed to be compatible? How do they avoid disappointment?

Automotive Ready® is dedicated to making sure everything goes right and nothing goes wrong for customers who choose to enter the wireless charging market. Automotive Ready® further supports an entire ecosystem of accessories to cover the home and office so customers experience the full convenience of their newly purchased wireless charging device.

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