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There is a problem with wireless charging. The problem is that there are many standards on the market. For the purpose of showing how crazy that is, imagine if you bought a hair dryer, and when you went to plug it in, the prongs didn’t fit in the socket.

This is basically the problem we are seeing today with wireless power. You can buy a wireless charging pad, and you can buy a wirelessly charged device, but when you place the device on the pad, nothing happens. It is because you have purchased products using two different technologies that aren’t compatible.

This is not good for the consumer. A good question to ask is, “Why don’t they just make one standard?” Well, eventually, there will be just one technology. History has shown that consumers will not accept multiple hardware standards. Consumers demand that when they buy a hair dryer, the plug has to fit in the socket! End of story.

In the meantime, there is a good reason why companies insist on making things confusing for consumers by promoting their mutually incompatible technology. And there is a good reason that they actually want their technology to be incompatible with the others. Simply put, if their technology wins, they make a lot of money. If their technology loses, they are out of the game.

As a consumer of wireless charging products, therefore, you will find yourself in the crossfire of a heated battle.

Maybe this is a good thing. Maybe because it is a free market, the best technology will win. Or will it? Unfortunately, history has shown that the best technology does not necessarily win. Usually it is mostly a battle between big licensing deals among large companies that best maximize what the market will bear. These deals eventually smother-out the competition. So, it is the most shrewd businesses that win, rather than consumers.

But this clouded story does have a silver lining. Fortunately, one of the technologies serves no commercial interests. The Open Dots standard is just as its name implies, open. No one owns the standard. And better yet, it happens to be the safest, best wireless power technology there is.

When the Automotive Ready® founders approached automakers to get wireless power into vehicles, they did not push a particular wireless power technology. Instead they allowed automakers to compare everything that was out there. Automakers chose the Open Dots wireless power technology because it is the superior technology.

It is the core mission of the Automotive Ready® program to make sure consumers do not get eaten alive in the crossfire of a wireless power industry at war. We are here to make sure that if you have an Open Dots pad, you will get 100% compatible Open Dots phone cases and accessories so you can forget your cares.

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