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Where has Open Dots been all my life!?!?!

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I sure wish they had invented Open Dots when I was a kid! I mean, it is the best wireless power technology around and it makes life so convenient!

The weird thing is, they DID invent Open Dots when I was a kid!!!!

What is now Open Dots was invented by Solomon Heytow and patented in 1963. Well, almost. The pattern of dots was slightly different… The invention made it into a product in the mid ‘70’s:


Not long after, other smart people invented the Open Dots constellation pattern in use today as shown in this highlighted image from Jon Eyerly’s patent #4,324,301 dated 1982.


You may not know it, but if you’ve ever ridden an amusement park bumper car, you may have benefited from Open Dots technology years and years ago!!! It is still in use in bumper cars today:


It was a blow to my ego when I saw this patent image and the one from a 1963 patent, because I thought I invented what is now called Open Dots! Owe!

But at least I am mentioned in a detailed history of Open Dots on the Open Dots website http://www.opendotsalliance.org/history!

A non-profit organization, the Open Dots Alliance maintains the standard for Open Dots so that any company can make a product that uses Open Dots technology and it will work with Open Dots products from any other company.

They have also organized a program to prevent look-alike products (counterfeits) that don’t really work from coming on the market. It is known as the Open Dots Alliance Membership Program. It is free for companies to join, and amounts to a promise that they will not traffic in counterfeit Open Dots products. This keeps consumers safe and happy.

All in, this is a great thing for consumers. Consumers get the best wireless power technology without a built-in royalty raising the cost. They also get straight talk without financial interests spinning the story just to make a buck.

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